15 Jul 2013

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Amazing Self Portraits by Zev

Have you seen these incredibly surreal and creative self portraits by 14-year old photographer Zev from Massachusetts?

Using a combination of clever photography and Photoshop techniques, he combines different shots into a single picture. Each picture uses imaginative photo manipulation to portray himself in a situation that is fairy-tale like, often with him appearing miniaturized.  The pictures remind me of the animated feature Epic.

Check out his blog to see some of his techniques revealed. In this blog post, he reveals how he uses paper aeroplanes held up by threads and shallow depth-of-field to hide the threads and get the aeroplanes out of focus.

If you’re inspired by these amazing techniques which can be performed by virtually anyone with a bit of imagination, you’ll want to also learn from this young fella. His videos and tutorials will keep you occupied with many hours of experimentation and discovery.

Photo Credits: Zev









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