01 Feb 2010

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For simplicity, we can refer to lenses with short focal lengths (less than 50mm) as wide-angle lenses. Lenses with longer focal lengths (more than 50mm) are called telephoto lenses. Zoom lenses offer a range of focal lengths in a single lens for convenience.

Lenses of different focal lengths can be used to create different perspectives. For example, you might want to use a wide angle lens to exaggerate several bouquets of flowers in front of a florist standing behind them. The florist would appear to be smaller than the bouquets, because objects closer to a wide angle lens appear larger than objects behind them.

Consequently, a telephoto lens can be used to make a small backdrop appear larger than the model in posing in front of it. This is because telephoto lens compresses the perspective and makes distant objects appear larger.

Wide-angle lens.

Typical Focal length: 28mm


Exaggerates perspective. Foreground objects look larger, background objects look smaller. Plenty of depth-of-field.

Angle of view is wide, the subject appears smaller.

Standard lens.

Typical Focal length: 50mm


Natural perspective. Medium depth-of-field.

A 50mm lens simulates the viewing angle of the human eye.

Telephoto lens.

Typical Focal length: 200mm


Flattens perspective. Background objects look larger. Shallow depth-of-field.

Angle of view is narrow, the subject fills the frame.


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