11 Jul 2012

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Photo Editing Skills with Lightroom
Wedding + Portrait Photography: Emotion in Pictures by Andy Lim

Did you know that you can do almost all your photo editing within Adobe Lightroom, without going into Photoshop? Plus, you have all the tools you need to create same-day slideshows and web galleries all within Lightroom.

We all know that shooting in RAW format will give you the best quality images, but the real advantage of shooting in RAW is that you can easily and quickly polish them up to give your clients 110%. Imagine that you got EVERYTHING right in-camera, your exposure is spot-on, your colors are crisp and your composition is pleasantly artistic. But on looking at it a second time, you think that the image will look way better in a sepia tone. Imagine you took 20 of such images. Instead of going into Photoshop to edit them one by one, you can just apply a Lightroom Preset, and sync all 20 images. Now you have 20 different sepia images, all done within 2 actions.

Another possible scenario is a wedding reception where you have taken a shot of the couple, perfectly lit with your speedlight, except for a sickly green color cast on the left side of their faces, caused by one of the colored spotlights in the ballroom. This is easily fixed in Lightroom, using the HSL tab, under Saturation. By just moving the Green slider to the left, you would be able to remove the green color cast.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in Lightroom editing. Find out tons of techniques in Super Photo Editing Skills by Photography Concentrate.

Play the video below to see a quick demo:

In the ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison below, you can see that the original shot lacked punch, the sky was a pale blue and the faces of the couple were a little underexposed. This is a result of extreme differences between the light levels of the sky versus their faces. This scenario would benefit from using an off-camera speedlight to create a shot that had a punchy blue sky AND a well-lit couple. But if you didn’t have a speedlight with you, the screenshot below of Before Editing and After Editing shows what’s possible within Adobe Lightroom.

Super Photo Editing Skills is a 2.3GB zip file with a set of 63 videos. This is a video tutorial that gives you both the theory behind great photo editing, and the skills to actually do it.

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