08 Jul 2012

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Andy Lim got started in photography after leaving design college, and has given several public talks on the subject of photography. SimpleSLR Workshops Photography workshops from beginners to advanced levels. SimpleSLR Guides Author of best-selling e-book series. Photography Tips Author of useful and practical tips on GoodPhotography.info website. Emotion in Pictures Accomplished professional wedding photographer. His brand attracts clients worldwide with his unique flavor of wedding and portrait photography.


Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes
Portrait photography lighting

This series of guides aims to help photographers master a key aspect of wedding and portrait photography, which is lighting using a variety of methods: speedlights, available light as well as natural light.

You can get differently configured bundles of e-books at the official website (www.simpleslr.info) which has also been re-designed for ease-of-use. Prices start from USD8.88 for an individual volume of Portrait Recipes, which comes in 3 volumes, each volume containing 8 different detailed lighting setups of indoor and outdoor portrait scenarios. Detailed diagrams showing placement of lights (be it speedlights or available light) accompany each scenario, with EXIF settings shown, and my thought process described.

Learn to light portraits at the speed of light! This bundle of four e-books are for those do not have any basic knowledge of portrait lighting:

The starter Portrait Lighting Guide which covers foundation skills and technical details of portrait lighting.

previewA Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

previewB Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

previewC Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

Portrait Recipes VOLUMES 1 and 2 are detailed lighting recipes for indoor portraits, complete with diagrams of lighting setups.

Portrait Recipe VOLUME 3 are detailed lighting recipes for outdoor portraits, complete with diagrams of lighting setups.

Combined, they will guide you from zero lighting knowledge all the way to experimenting with 24 different portrait lighting scenarios.

ebook previews 1 Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

ebook previews 2 Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

ebook previews 3 Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

preview1 Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

preview2 Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

preview3 Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

Each scenario comes with its own set of challenges, and I will reveal tips that include:

  • how to solve lighting challenges on a case-by-case basis
  • change the look of the portrait easily without tedious post-production
  • how a speedlight-lit portrait compares to one that was shot entirely with available light
  • quick guerrilla-style lighting techniques that deliver results with a basic set of equipment

With these tips, you can confidently tackle any lighting situation during your next portrait or wedding shoot!

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